11Ants Retail Insights Cloud for Supermarkets

A total analytics solution for supermarkets

11Ants Retail Insights Cloud takes the data generated by your supermarket’s loyalty program and transforms it into a company-wide asset. Leveraging the significant investment already made in your loyalty program to truly understanding your customers better has moved from being a ‘nice idea’ to a fundamental to world-class supermarket retailing. Now stakeholders across your organization can answer some of the key questions which supermarkets have been grappling with for years.

Key Questions

Did my promotion work?

The most frustrating challenge about promotions at supermarkets is that there is generally only a vague idea as to whether a promotion was successful or not.

What is missing is a true understanding, which is what 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud delivers. Now you can understand the drivers of the promotion. More units to existing customers? Attracting new customers? Increased purchase occasions? Increased or decreased spend per basket? All of this delivered with crystal clear clarity, and instantly with the 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud Promotion Portfolio Module.


Which categories are each of my customers engaged with? Where are the opportunities?

What would be really nice to know is for each customer the categories they are engaged with and those that they are not and the opportunity that exists to increase their spend in various categories. This is how we truly grow our existing customer base. This is made easy with 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud’s Customer Scoring Module.

When are products or specific categories selling?

11Ants Retail Insights Cloud Busy Times Module unlocks true value out of your raw data.

What happens when you learn that you sell most of your ice-cream on Sunday afternoons, but the ice-cream suppliers merchandizing reps visit your stores on Monday mornings? You take this information work with your suppliers and make things better for the customer, the supplier and yourself as the retailer. That is how you make money out of data. This module can also be used for scheduling staff and better understanding store peak times.


How is my business tracking against last week? Last year?

One of the simplest, yet most powerful uses of analytics is to find out what is going well so that you can give it more oxygen; and find out what is going badly so you can mitigate against it or eliminate it. 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud’s Performance Module allows rapid and complete insight into what is up and what is down, and what the drivers for that growth or decline are, to be able to find this information.

Struggling with which products to introduce and which to eliminate

Too many SKUs can overwhelm shoppers and increase carrying costs with no space for high potential products. But delisting isn’t so simple.

Seemingly insignificant products may be important to high value shoppers. That’s why we created a tool to optimise your product range. Understand which SKU’s are important to your high value customers, find which products are a good substitution and identify which stores your top products aren’t sold in.


Work with your suppliers and not against them

Give your vendors access to the same tools and data. They will start to work with you and joint strategies to drive growth are truly possible.

“What 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud just did in 60 seconds, we would routinely charge retailers $5K for, and it would take us a week to do.”

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See how 11Ants can work for you. We can set you up with your own system, with some of your own demo data in a matter of hours.