What it does

Turn your ‘loyalty’ program into a loyalty program

11Ants Retail Insights Cloud takes the data generated by your loyalty program and transforms it into a company-wide asset.

Leveraging the significant investment already made in your loyalty program to truly understanding your customers better has moved from being a ‘nice idea’ to a fundamental to world-class retailing. Now stakeholders across your organization can answer some of the key questions which retailers have been grappling with for years.

Find Out More About Your Customers

We all know that understanding your customer is fundamental to your success.

But how much of this understanding is based on ideals rather than true data insights. These modules track your customer behaviours and allow optimal marketing to the right person at the right time.

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Find out more about your Promotion

Did your promotion really drive sales growth?

Promotions and sales are now everyday events, but how do you know which ones actually generated sales and who bought the product on sale? These modules give you data insights into the promotions that worked.


Find out more about your Product range

Too many products? Where should they be located and with what? Who’s buying them? When? These common questions are answered simply and quickly with the following modules.

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Find out more about your Performance

Most retailers have a grip on how their company is performing but very few understand the true drivers of sales growth.

Tracking your customers via a loyalty program offers a wealth of data but now there is a gap between the data collected and the analysis involved to understand this data.  These modules provide metrics which have previously been difficult and time consuming to generate.

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Find out more about your Suppliers

Work with your suppliers and not against them.  Allow either category or brand level access to any supplier, so they cant see your entire business but can arrive at self service access to their brands, or the category as you define it. This can be deployed almost instantly.

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Client Testimonials

The 11Ants Global Retail Loyalty Trends 2020 report is here!

An actionable assessment of retail loyalty programs for executives.
A collaboration between 11Ants and the University of Auckland.