Our Latest Modules

Our latest modules developed with our customers to deliver insights faster and easier. These modules focus on promotional activities, category review tasks, daily dashboards and treemaps.

Promotion Evaluation Module

Advanced analysis of your latest promotional mailer in just a few clicks.

Category Review Module

Build a 60+ page category databook with a few mouse clicks and in less than 60 seconds.

Cards Module

Instant and easy view of what is happening in the business. Build a custom dashboard in minutes.

Performance Diagnostics Module

Dynamic drill down to find exactly what is going well and what is not, with precision.

Promotion Evaluation Module

Now you can create effective promotions targeted at not only selling more of one single product but create customer focused campaigns to successfully grow your business.

More than just how many products were sold. Using your loyalty data, we can show you much more valuable information:

Did you gain new customers?

Did your customers only buy the promoted products?

Did the customers who bought the promoted products spend more in store?

What was the profile of customers who bought this promotion?

Category Review Module

What would have taken months of work is now produced with only a few clicks. Powerful and comprehensive analytics about your category in one PDF report.

Select your category and time period and a full report on your category is produced in seconds.

Publish as a PDF for easy distribution.

Comprehensive statistics that you would spend months creating with traditional BI tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Hundreds of questions about your category answered including:


When do people shop my category?

Which products to look at keeping and which ones to remove?

How does my category interact with others?

Is my category a destination, routine or convenience category?

What brands are likely to be substituted for other brands?

Is there seasonality to my category?

In which stores is my category important? And much more.

Cards Module

Stress-free dashboard design. Build a customized set of key business KPIs that are specific to your company structure and business without BI knowledge.
Save and review, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Customize by supplier to provide an insight into brand level analysis.

No need for complicated math. We have all the KPI metrics you need calculated for you.

Colour coded to show growth and decline at a glance.

Simple to customize with your own groupings, colours and order.

Performance Diagnostics  Module

You’ll use this module daily to keep track of your store performance at a glance.
Cutting-edge interactive treemap of your store performance.

Zero in on problems with one click.

Pick the stores you want to see, the category, the time period and KPI of interest with only a few easy changes.

See how 11Ants can work for you. We can set you up with your own system, with some of your own demo data in a matter of hours.