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About 11Ants Analytics

11Ants Analytics is headquartered in New Zealand and we help airlines and retailers around the globe increase profits with our next generation customer analytics solutions – 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud. We have without question built the world’s easiest to deploy, easy to use customer analytics platform – everyone that sees them, all over the world, tells us the same thing.

In March 2015 11Ants Analytics was acquired by a global consortium comprising loyalty giant Aimia and one of the world’s most awarded airlines – Air New Zealand.

Why are we called 11Ants Analytics? This goes back a long way, one of the first solutions we ever built contained 11 super complicated algorithms, and we know of no creature that is as hard working, self organizing and capable of making order out of chaos as the ant. From the beginning we wanted to be a different kind of analytics company. The name 11Ants Analytics took hold – and we’ve been that ever since!

I have never seen anything quite like 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud. What this has the potential to do for retailers around the world is unimaginable.
Major Grocery Retailer