11Ants Airline Insights Cloud

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11Ants Airline Insights Cloud

11Ants Airline Insights Cloud is a cloud based customer science platform which delivers all of the benefits of retail style customer analytics to the airline industry. We are transforming the way that airlines are able to think about their business. 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud transforms the data you’ve been collecting and storing into actionable stores about your customers, flights, routes, ancillary products, promotions, frequent flier program, and sales channels.

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What is 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud?

11Ants Airline Insights Cloud - the world's first customer insights platform for the airline industry. The solution is modelled after successful retail analytics solutions that have helped transform retailers from product-centric to customer-centric companies by putting powerful customer data at the fingertips of business managers. 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud will take the vast amounts of transactional, shopping and profile data accumulated by airlines and transform it into customer stories and actionable insights. This is a proven approach in retail but has not yet been considered in the airline industry. We believe the opportunity to improve and grow an airline's profitability is enormous.

Why do airlines need another information tool?

It's true that airlines have huge amounts of data that they already use to make day-to-day business decisions. However, most of this data helps them understand how routes and products are performing; it doesn't show them what customers are doing. With the airline industry shifting to a greater focus on the customer, business manager will need to make decisions based on customer understanding, in addition to traditional product understanding.

What does 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud look like?

The solution is a cloud-hosted and supplied as Software as a Service, with a series of modules designed to help airline users answer specific customer-centric questions about their business. The solution is accessible by any business manager via any web browser. The modules have a highly intuitive user interface with flexible drill-down and slice-and-dice capabilities. Managers are able to answer very specific business questions and easily explore patterns to create actionable insights in minutes.

Which business areas benefit from 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud?

In addition to the analytics team, we believe Revenue Management, Product Management, Customer Loyalty, Marketing and Communication and Customer Service will derive great benefit from the platform. The solution is designed to emphasise simplicity, meaning it can be used to directly by business users. We believe the difference between an answer in 10 minutes or 2 days is the difference between bothering to ask the question or not.

What analysis and decisions does 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud support?

11Ants Airline Insights Cloud focuses on helping airlines understand who their customers are, how they contribute to revenue, current performance drivers, lounge use, FFP engagement and ancillary cross-purchasing.

Some key questions that airlines are able to answer include:

- Who are best customers and what do they do/look like?

- Which customer groups and/or products are driving growth/decline?

- Which customers/product are impacting my booking curve?

- What is the most appropriate ancillary cross-sell by customer group/route?

- How are customers using my lounges and when is capacity an issue?

- Who and how are my customers engaging with my FFP?

- Identify customers who have changed behaviour for CRM campaigns to incentivise or reward

Does 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud require years of integration?

Rapid integration is a key part of our solutions ethos. We've built an airline data scheme with flexibility to accommodate differences between airlines. All customers have to do is provide data in the correct format to feed our data schema , and all of the modules in 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud will come to life within hours or a few short days. Simply said, if they can pull the data in our format, they can be up and running 11Ants Airline Insights Cloud very quickly. If they already have a customer data warehouse linking data from different data sources, our job will be quite easy.