Transform your 'loyalty' program into a loyalty program

11Ants Analytics customer science solutions help retailers unlock value from loyalty programs quickly and without having to risk huge amounts of money and spend months or years on implementation.

The Five Common Retail Data Challenges

Data is captured but not utilized

Large investment in loyalty generating large volumes of valuable customer data, but no systems able to leverage this.

Customer is not central

Financial and product focus dominate as these are the data points available to the business users to make and review decisions.

Slow and expensive

Customer data that does exist is not directly accessible to business users - thus creating a bottleneck. The question which can't be answered quickly won't be asked.

Expertise within business to access insights

People required to access and make use of customer data assets are scarce and expensive.

Leap of faith

Traditional approaches demand significant financial and time investment, and therefore commensurate risk.

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I have never seen anything quite like 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud. What this has the potential to do for retailers around the world is unimaginable.
Major Grocery Retailer
What 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud just did in 60 seconds, we would routinely charge retailers $5K for, and it would take us a week to do.
Analytics Consulting Company
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11Ants Retail Insights Cloud

11Ants Retail Insights Cloud is a cloud-based customer science platform which drives retail growth in medium to large retailers. 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud begins with the assumption that there is a huge amount of unrealised value in the transactional data you collect and store. 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud transforms this data into actionable stories about your customers, products, promotions and stores – transforming the way you can make and review decisions.

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  • True value from your loyalty program
  • A customer-centric lens to view your company through
  • Accessible to business users
  • Rapid insights ‘think the thought, ask the question’
  • Rapid deployment - between 2 and 30 days
  • No consultants – deploy and enjoy
  • Risk free – minimal up-front setup
  • No servers or hardware to purchase
  • Award winning software
When you said we could get all this functionality within a few hours of uploading our data, I simply didn’t believe it. But seeing is believing - 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud is amazing.
Major Homewares Retailer
Using 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud we have seen certain trends that we hadn’t become aware of yet through our traditional systems and that’s allowed us to act straight away.
Major Gas and Convenience Retailer
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