11Ants Retail Insights Cloud takes the data generated by your loyalty program and transforms it into a company-wide asset.

Leveraging the significant investment already made in your loyalty program to truly understanding your customers has moved from being a ‘nice idea’ to a fundamental to world-class retailing. Now stakeholders across your organization can answer some of the key questions retailers have been grappling with for years.

Evolve from knowing what happened to why it happened using the power of loyalty data.  Get answers before your competitors have thought to ask the question.
Loyalty data can transform your understanding of promotions. Increase promotional effectiveness by using AI to match promotions to shoppers. Put some data science behind your promotions.
Bring a customer lens to your analytics. Create actionable shopper segments based on purchase behaviour and loyalty data. Know them to grow them!
Loyalty data enables customer-centric ranging. Identify the products which are important to high value customers. Use deeper data insights to guide and optimise ranging decisions.

See how these successful retail brands leverage their loyalty data.

How well do you know your customers?

11Ants can uncover deeper insights about your customers.

Find out instantly and easily:

Who are your high value customers? What do they buy and when do they shop? How sensitive to promotions are they?

When a product is on promotion what is the true impact? New shoppers to your store? New shoppers to the category? Switching brands within the category? Or just cannibalizing sales?

What is the profile of my shopper and how does it differ by product, brand or category?

What is the impact of brands purchased on basket size by customer segment?


3 Great reasons to get a product demo

You’ll love the app-like modules

11Ants usability is intuitive, pictorial and fresh.  Purpose built modules allow users to drill into data quicker and easier than ever before in a simple interface. Data interrogation by any team member.

You can have advanced retail analytics live within 4 hours of uploading data

The cloud based solution means retailers can unlock value from loyalty programs quickly and without risking money, months (or years) on implementation. De-risk data analytics.

Get to the actionable insights faster and easier

Our retailers love that they can extract truly actionable insights from their data so easily and so fast.

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We can set you up with your own system with your own data in a matter of hours.

Five Key Retail Challenges

Watch our video to learn about the five challenges retailers face and how 11Ants can turn this into five strategies for five percent growth.